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Rules of Paintball

Basic Rules of Play:

  • Once you are put onto a team and matched with one to play against the goal is to shoot as many players of the opposing team. The game will be reffed by one of our experienced referees.


Being Marked Out:

  • A player is marked out when a paintball hits and breaks on him/her or any part of their equipment, leaving a paint mark.

  • If you're caught rubbing/wiping paint off during a game, you will be ejected for cheating.

  • When a player is marked out, he/she is to call out loud "I'm out!" or "I'm hit!", raise your arm and exit the playing field in the quickest and shortest way possible. Place your barrel bag over the barrel of your gun until next game.

  • If you are still an active player, do not intentinally shoot eliminated players or those exiting the field. Doing so will result in your own ejection from game.

  • Eliminated players can not supply active players with additional equipment.



  • If you are hit by a paintball in a location you cannot see, you may call for a paintcheck by yelling out "PAINTCHECK" and continue to play. A referee will come over to check you. If you see a reff with his hand on the player for a paintcheck, that player is neutral and cannot be fired on nor can they fire. This player cannot more nor can any opposing player move to improve their position over this neutral player. Once the reff has made a decision on the paintcheck he will call the player in or out.

  • A player can call paintcheck on another player if he is reasonably sure the player has been hit and marked. To do this yell "PAINTCHECK" and you MUST indicate which player you are paintchecking. If you don't indicate which player you're paintchecking then the reff will ignore your request.


Surrender Option:

  • Whenever you get a player in a hopeless situation, (ie.: you are 20 ft. or less from a player who has no idea you are there), you should offer the player a chance to surrender rather than shoot at close range. Call out “SURRENDER”, if player does not respond in a non-aggressive manner fast enough for you, you may shoot. Absolutely No head shots or multiple shooting will be tolerated. To surrender, a player may call out “OUT”, “HIT”, “I SURRENDER”, “I GIVE”. “OK”, “UNCLE”, or any other statement that will convey a positive response. Players not making any response, or those who try to bluff will probably be shot.




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