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Outdoor Park, Taylor MI

Just like our name implies, when you head out to one of our fields you can expect to have a day full of action that will have you coming back for more. Choose from different styles of game play to different types of fields. We have just about everything to fit just about everyone. 

Before you come to play you MUST register online FIRST.If you have any problems doing so, please call and we'll be happy to walk you through it: 734-425-2545. 

Outdoor Fields

        14507 Lange road, Taylor, MI 48180


With over 43 acres of fields to play on you can be sure to find one that you will be happy to call home base. Play them all to find your favorite.


NOTE: Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on premises. If found using or to be under the influence you will be ejected without refund or refusal of services.

The Castle

  • A staff and player favorite

  • 4 defense towers to defend 2 bridges

  • A moat surrounds the castle from attack with two bridges to help you invade the island!

  • Use the siege towers to help you cross the bridge and attack the castle defenses.

  • Use the siege tower to help your team cross the bridges.

The Hill

  • Attack and defend scenario on large field

  • Hill provides premium defensive position

  • Each team starts blind from the other

  • The field can play in a 360 format and allow for you to sneak up behind the opposition.

The Battle Field

  • Attack and defend scenario on large field

  • Lots of natural terrain for exceptional cover

  • Use natural cover and small trails to get the jump of the enemy team!


  • Protect a small building surrounded by a fence from attack from the opposing team

  • Great for teamwork as you try and invade the building while the other team works to hold their ground.

The Pavilion

  • An open and large elimination field

  • Players can move fast and together

  • Large pavilion for base and coverage

  • Attack and defend style games to help promote team work.


  • Large cable spindles strategically placed

  • Good for high speed action

  • Unpredictable team offensive manuevers


  • Fast playing, speedball arena

  • Designed for aggresive game play

  • Tournament style players will enjoy this field


Located within our Taylor outdoor park, this field is for the speedball lovers. You gotta love rapid fire and quick games of skill and stradegy at a breakneck pace. Playing this field will ensure your adrenalin gets pumping and your heart gets racing. 

  • Our field is one of the only in the area that's grided out to be able to replicate field layouts for regional and national events.

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