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Advice from the Battlefield


Here are a few tips for the newbies out there. As you play more and more you'll begin to devise your own plans, tricks and skills, but for now here are a few basic thoughts to go by.


Take Your Aim
  • Aim a little higher than the targets that you are shooting at since the further a paintball goes the more the velocity drops off i.e your ball arcs and your head shot now becomes a shin shot at far distances.

  • If the player is moving aim for a spot just in front of them.

  • Aim for slightly above the chest for a higher chance of hitting your target.

  • Make sure you're looking where you're shooting as to not shoot your own teammate in the back of the head.


Get Moving
  • Move quickly and with purpose.

  • It's best not to wander aimlessly. Pick a place and stay low - head low and knees bent.

  • Don't stay in one spot for too long or you'll end up being cornered.

  • Some situations require stealth over speed. Get your creep on in the best way possible.

  • Do your best gopher impression when behind bunkers to see attacking players. Pop your head out and back in quickly to get a read on the field.



Talk It Out
  • Communication is key when out on the field, especially when you can't see your teammates or the position of attacking players.

  • Try to form a plan before the start of the game and any code words or signals you may use so as to not give away your plan to the opposing team.

  • Help your teammates so they will be around to help you.


Keep Calm and Paintball On
  • Paintball is a mental game as well as physical so keep your wits about you so you can react quickly.




  • Everyone has their own style of attack but flanking and crossfire are two basic moves.

  • Work with your teammates to work your angles on the opposing team, flank them, get them in your crosshairs and fire away.

  • Once your team has started an attack stay commited to it.

  • Leapfrogging is another great tactic to move foward on the field. One or more people move foward while the others cover. Then the front players cover for the back players to move foward and so on.


Be Aggresive
  • These are paintballs not real bullets

  • If your opponent grabs your flag, chase them down. At the very least you can
    say you tried.



You're outtaaa here...maybe
  • Make sure before you call yourself out that the paintball actually broke. If you call yourself out regardless if there's paint on you or not then you must leave the game.

  • After shooting an opponent, make sure they know they've been shot before exposing yourself (if the paint broke on a padded area they may not realize they've been shot).


Don't Cheat
  • It's that easy people. Dont. Cheat. If you're caught you will be ejected from the park for the rest of day without a refund.



  • The whole point of paintball is to have a good time so we hope you enjoy your game!


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