Indoor Field 
Summer hours
Tues-Sun: Call or Book online for groups
will be for .50 cal only for walk in or reservations


Winter Hours
Begin: Nov 8th-March
Tues - Sun: Reservations for groups available online or call 734-425-2545
Open Play
Friday 5pm-9pm (Reservations only Friday)
Sat: 12am-8pm
Sun: 12am-5pm


11845 Mayfield rd
Livonia, MI 48150

Have a private party at either of our fields!

No outside paint is allowed at either field. We are a field paint only park and all paint that is played with must be purchased from Action Paintball.

Indoor Field

Open play w/ purchase of 500 or more paintballs

$20.00 includes HPA

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.68 cal Indoor Entry Price (open play only)

Indoor Standard Rental Package 68. or 50. cal