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This 13 cubic inch, 3000 PSI tank will get you about 100-125 shots off one fill. This is great for any competitive or scenario player. The regulator on the pump tank is adjustable between 450 and 850 PSI by adding or removing shims in the spring pack. It is very easy to adjust and is reliable. MADE IN THE USA!
    13 cubic inch - A Perfect Pump Paintball Tank
    3000 psi
    D.O.T. Approved Aluminum bottle
    .96 pounds!!!! - Perfect Pump Paintball Tank
    9 3/8 inches long x 2 inches diameter
    1 3/8 inches bottle to ASA
    Gives you 125 shots per fill depending on marker.

Aluminum Air Tank w/ Pro V2 Regulator - 13/3000

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