We have a full size Airball
Field for the tournament
Defenders use 4 towers to
defend the attack team from
coming across 2 bridges
What's new at Action Park
2016 brings changes to Action :
Must register online
If you have any problems doing so please call
and we'll be happy to walk you through it.
Our mission
We cater to the young and the young at heart.
No matter your age playing paintball at our park
will be a day of fun with your family,
friends,co-workers, and even your boss!
2015/16 Highlights
What you can expect when you come play at Action
We have over 42 acres of beautiful natural woods and professionally built fields  
that surround water and streams.
Our staff is well trained and will provide you with all your paintball needs
Detroit Action takes 1st place in the CPL at CPX in Chicago
Detroit Action makes it to the Finals at World Cup 2 years in a row !!
Detroit Action takes 2nd place in the CPL at CPX in Chicago
Hosted Player Clinic with Pro player Nick Slowiak from 187 Upton Crew
Hosted 3nd Annual Michigan Airsoft Day of Play
Action Paintball Park
Action Paintball

Reduced impact
.50 cal markers with 1/3
less sting
Book your party today !!

Park Hours
by reservation

Pro Shop

Marker Program

Buy your marker at Action and
save $$$ on all accessories
plus get free day of play pass.

Spend $1000
on a marker and get a
Free 2016 V.I.P. Pass